Finding Health Transformation

I have always believed inward growth while we have breath in our beautiful bodies. I have received tons of inquiries about my journey, and the transformation everyone is watching. I wanted to share with you five tips to help you take the first step toward conversion. 

1. Have a cup of Royal 8 tea every morning early. Your body responds to tea very well. When you drink organic whole tea leaves, you are giving your body the maximum benefit of tea. I have consumed Royal 8 International Tea blends every morning since I started my journey. 

2. Mentors and educators are essential to your success. You don't know everything, and I am a very brilliant and resourceful woman; however, mentors and educators help me excel. Invest in one for your business, one for your ministry, one for your finances and one for your health. Your ability to improve allows you to serve your clients and customers better. 

3. Eat to live and not live to eat. Change the way you celebrate your successes. Don't center them around food. Do things like going for a walk in the mall, bowling, putt putt golf, buying a new outfit for your win. Journal your win. Food doesn't make the celebration better. It creates another challenge when it is the center focused. 

4. The most important tip I have learned. I recently discovered, skipping meals sends my body into starvation mode, and it can cause my body not to burn off the healthy food I just consumed. Secondly, skipping meals can cause my glucose levels to dive and take all day to recover, it can slow my metabolism and cause foggy brain. The body can create a resistance against being healthy when you skip meals.  

5. The food is not the problem with your body resisting the change. The thoughts, emotions, and perceptions you have toward your body cause your struggle with health and weight. I learned thoughts, feelings, and perceptions I had toward my self-worth, affected my body working with me. My body was saying, " your soul tells me one thing, your thoughts tell me another, your emotions means something else, and you perceived me as the enemy. The real enemy is you! I am confused." I realized that once I dealt with my thoughts, my emotions, my perceptions and worth, weight and health was easy. The minute when I take in a lie or a false perception, problems arise in my body. Food, portion control, calories, etc. are not the issue, my internal issues were resisting my natural design to live out its real purpose. It is a constant work, but I assure you once you start it, life and health will be at optimum levels. 

These are five tips I want to share with you. I know many of you are following my journey, and have questions. Some people are brave to ask, and others are just wondering. I am giving you some insight into what I have conquered. I am extremely excited to share daily or weekly blogs, and you can follow me on Instagram @authorsamanthasingletary, Facebook @Author-Samantha Singletary or my website The journey is incredible, and every day gets better. Leave me your thoughts on this blog post below. I would love to hear your feedback. Toodles !