Simple Strategies for life Success 


SamanthaTalks is a top class personal development coaching business. We teach women who are stuck in lies about themselves, how to discover their true potential, without complicated strategies even if they can't figure out where to begin their journey. Together, we establish solid strategies of change and produce results that will last a lifetime. 


Our Services

Our personalized coaching services are centralized to dispell the mistruths our clients have believed about themselves and assist them in discovering their potential. We offer strategic plans to goal achievements, create a systematic approach to your daily task, and provide full-time support on reaching your success.

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Weekly Simple Success Strategies

Our weekly blog provides simple strategies for your personal development. Each blog has tips and how to's, which you can apply immediately toward growing into the successful person you always wanted. Don't miss a blog post 

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Our Practice

We customize our strategic plans according the needs of the individual .  We make the strategy simple with proven success for  those who are in need of personal development. 


We take the stress out of  navigating your personal life at the same time. 

                                                                                                                     Samantha Singletary, Lead Strategist 

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A Top 10 Service

We love the feedback from our client's. Here are several client's comments regarding the assistance they have received regarding their  personal development. We love giving simple strategies for life success.....